Travelling from Tokyo to Hokkaido nearing New Year's Day


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Jul 12, 2019
Hi everyone,

I'm visiting Japan from 23rd Dec 2019 to 6th Jan 2020 and has plans to travel via the JR Rail from Osaka up to Hakodate on 30th December.

As its very close to new year day, can I check whether JR trains from Osaka to Hakodate will be difficult to book for 30th December even if I've the countrywide JR Pass? I heard many Japanese will be travelling from big cities back home to visit their relatives or family on this day.

Appreciate any input and advice!




Aug 6, 2018
hi Steve. I can't say for certain, never been there over that time period or on that route... but... I would suspect that if you were able to visit a JR travel center desk (especially a bigger one like at Shinjuku or Tokyo Station) a couple of days prior and reserved your seats you would probably** be fine. Maybe even the day before. You shouldn't see the same problems as you would i.e. over Golden Week or Obon holidays that's for sure. I wouldn't wait until the same day, that can be unpredictable any time. Pro-tip: Look up the routes/time/trains on Hyperdia and have the exact train you'd like to go on written down when you go.

** can't guarantee anything though.

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