TOKYO Tokyo Area Nov. 24-Dec. 1


Aug 6, 2018
Yeah baby, headed back to Tokyo next week, landing at Haneda (knock on wood) at ~3pm Sunday, leaving via the same the next Sunday about 7pm. I'll be posting lots here about where we've (me and my daughter) been each day and any snafu's or absolute gems we run into.

In getting ready for this one I pulled my "going to Japan" stuff out, with my travel wallet/suicas power adapters extension cord.. and found a baggie from the last trip with over $40US worth of Y coins and another Y1000 bill in my travel wallet. SCORE.

We'll be staying near Sugamo, which should be interesting. Far away from the hustle but literally a two minute walk from a Yamanote line station.

With any luck the youtube channel may or may not get lit up with live streams. I haven't decided if I want to go that route or not. I might go with Facebook live to my personal profile and then repurp the video for here.

Some highlights on this trip that I've planned:

  • Ghibli museum in Mitaka. My daughter insisted we go here. OK so she's almost 20yo but hey we do what we can, right?
  • Try to find the Tokyo Scout Shop in Ogikubo to get my son something since he'll be getting his Eagle (knock on wood again) in the spring, and to get something for the scoutmaster(s).
  • Takao during the momiji festival. I was there on Dec. 3rd 2013 and the colors were spectacular, can't wait to take the kid there and take it slower this time. Last time I was rushed to get to Chichibu and didn't really get to everything I wanted.
  • Of COURSE Pokemon center, and all the toy stores. Got a scale modeling channel I'm working on so will try to get some stuff related to that also.
  • Akihabara and the electronics/radio markets. I could really not care less about the anime and manga garbage, sorry folks, but I'm going to Akiba for the classic reasons. Again, another channel of mine can use that content!
  • Hoiiday illuminations!
  • Olympic stadium/other olympic stuff. See what we can see anyway.
  • Harajuku station, since it will be disappearing in the not too distant future. Such a shame, but that's Tokyo in a nutshell. Sometimes things just can't be saved. I get it. Sucks but I get it.
  • Haven't decided if I'm going to try the "Tokyo Jissha" mini-pilgrimage, or not. Basically get goshuins from 10 of the "classic" temples/shrines around Tokyo. Remains to be seen.
  • Matsuri!! There's at least 3-4-5 different matsuri's I'd like to hit up, most on the same day, if for no other reason than the food. If you've never just gone to a festival and eaten your way thru the food vendors you're missing out.
Other than that I've really not set anything in stone. (Other than that he says)... I figure we'll sort of wing it the later part of the week just to see how we feel for one (I'm already dreading the foot pain) and how worn out we get.

So, stay tuned!

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