Aug 6, 2018
I know I post a lot of stuff linking back to JT, but for some reason they're always up front on my radar. Anyway, here's an awesome article abut the Kyushu Area, and Sengan-en in particular. One of these days I'll get to that part of the country.

While everybody eyes its northern and central counterparts of Hokkaido and Honshu, where much of the fallout from Japan’s tourism boom has landed, the discerning traveler’s attention is shifting gradually southwards —to Kyushu.

One of Japan’s most underrated regions, Kyushu’s history tells a captivating narrative, one that features ancient civilizations, feared samurai clans fighting Western invaders, beautiful princesses, and a pivotal role in the birth of modern Japan. Better still, all the action takes place across a cinematic landscape of lush rolling rice fields, turbulent oceans, mystical cedar forests and smoking volcanoes.

Of course, every story has a beginning. And there’s a little-known place in the seaside city of Kagoshima where you can immerse yourself in Kyushu’s chapter one: It’s called Sengan-en.