NEWS Record Number of Tourist-Deer Incidents at Nara


Aug 6, 2018

The Nara Prefectural Government said Thursday that the number of injuries caused by the deer in Nara Park hit a record 164 cases between April 1 last year and January 31, exceeding the 118 cases reported in the previous fiscal year. Of the 164 cases, around 80 percent involved foreign tourists — most of them Chinese — it said.
Guys. The deer at Nara aren't there for your amusement. I mean I guess they kind of are, but they're not pets and they are by no means "tame." You tease them with food they're going to get PO'd about it. If you insist on buying the crackers and feeding them, please keep your wits about you and do it so they're not going to uh, ah, nip you in the bud or anywhere else lol.