FOOD Ordering Ramen from ticket machine


Aug 6, 2018
Here's a pretty thorough article about one of those things that seems easy but can actually be quite daunting. Unless you read Japanese and understand the finer points of ordering ramen:

4 Easy Steps: Complete Guide to Ordering Ramen Using a Ticket Machine

Eating ramen is an absolute must when coming to Japan! However, as you enter one of Tokyo’s many delicious ramen shops, you are very likely to find yourself standing in front of a vending machine – what? This “food ticket system” is a curious, convenient way to order your food, commonly found at ramen shops all throughout the country.

Japanese people are used to this easy, speedy way of ordering food, but first-timers tend to be confused, especially if everything is written in Japanese. Worry not, however, as these food ticket vending machines are easy to master, and we’ll show you how!


New member
Dec 6, 2018
This is actually nice. Though I saw a machine like this with the menu written in both Hiragana and English when I was staying in Akasaka. The daunting part is choosing the right texture of noodle and the right kind of broth.
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