Miyajima Shrine [Hiroshima] Undergoing repairs


Aug 6, 2018

According to this page, the iconic Miyajima shrine in Hiroshima will be undergoing renovation and will probably be obscured or cocooned at least in part, if not completely during the time from June 2019 until its finished. The only reference I could find was the Facebook post linked above....
Long-term Repair Work of Itsukushima Shrine’s O-torii Gate】
Itsukushima Shrine, as a World Heritage Site, needs always to be taken care of the sight and security, for many worshipers from all over the world every year.
Now, the Whole Repair Work is decided for O-torii Gate, iconic of Miyajima! >>Σ(゜○゜)<<
<What kind of repairs?>
Mending and researches according to repainting vermillion well-known – the last is 15 years ago – and re-roofing – the last 25 years ago! - and so on.
<How will it go then?>
Scaffolding set up, O-torii Gate will not be seen at all for long period.
If you are planning to visit here in the next 2 years, please consider the condition…
<Work schedule>
From June 2019, - the date of finish not yet decided.
Thank you for your understanding…