Kyoto Sightseeing Buses still a pain?


Aug 6, 2018
The last time I was in Kyoto the "recommended" way to get around was to use the "sightseeing buses" and get a 500Y pass for the day, etc. But good lord what a pain. Wait in line for sometimes 2 or 3 runs before you can even get on, then often they were just packed like the Yamanote at morning rush hour.

I will admit that they are nice to just jump on and off IF you know which one you want and where its going next. I can remember though getting on one and thinking I was going somewhere, but instead had to switch buses at the transfer depot on the other side of town from Kyoto station and then retrace the route.... blargh that was not fun.

It all depends on where you're going and what time of day, etc. etc. I know. The "big" ones (i.e. Kinkakuji or Kiyomizudera) are always packed. ALWAYS.

What's your experience with them? Anyone?
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