Kyoto Bans Photos on Some Streets


Aug 6, 2018
At first glance this seems a bit draconian, and I think people are reacting to it as such.


I totally get where they're coming from. The key words are "private streets" which I would interpret to be the myriad of tiny alleyways and paths that aren't actually streets at all, but the entrances to people's homes. They're normally quiet (really quiet) but I can see where a group of tourists being noisy and chattering around, poking their heads in where they shouldn't be etc. could be tiresome after a while.

That and the issue of photographing Geisha/Maiko.

FFS people just leave them be!! I honestly don't get where anyone would consider it acceptable to chase them down and pester them for photographs when they're just trying to get from one point to the next in peace.

What do you think about the whole thing?

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