Japan gov't launches 1st survey on 'overtourism'


Aug 6, 2018


Japan is launching its first survey on "overtourism," or the phenomenon of a popular destination becoming overrun with tourists in an unsustainable way, to counter nuisances such as noise and congestion that disrupt locals' lives, according to officials.
The Japan Tourism Agency aims to compile a report by the end of March based on a survey of municipalities with major tourists spots and to explore ways to foster an environment where tourism can coexist with residents' lives amid a surge in foreign visitors to the country.
This is an interesting and inevitable problem, especially in a place that is so "dense" as Japan. I don't know that there is much you can do. Look at Sensoji. There are residences and commuters every day surrounding probably one of the busiest tourist spots in Tokyo, and its been that way for decades. How do they deal with it? I don't know, but there it is.

Looking at places like Kyoto or Kamakura that don't have the same level of infrastructure, especially transportation, is important. The bus system in Kyoto, last time I went, was just inadequate for some places, yet nearly empty for others. Maybe a hard look at the routes and fleet are needed to service specific locations...

Who knows. Hopefully this is all figured out soon, since the Olympics are coming up fast. Thoughts everyone?


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Dec 6, 2018
To be fair, congestion is not only the problem they'll face during over-tourism. I've read an article before, residents of Tokyo are having trouble with the collection of trash. Not all tourist, especially those who stay for a long duration, know the schedule and rules for garbage disposal.

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