Getting to Tokyo from Narita


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Aug 9, 2018
Wondering if anyone's used the buses from Narita to Tokyo. I've used the NEX before but never the bus. Is it any better or worse? Probably longer, but maybe the scenery is different? Thanks.
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Sep 17, 2018
I rode the "Access Narita" bus back in Dec 2017 and really liked it. The bus only stopped in front of Tokyo station and a bus stop in Ginza area. The cost was only 1000yen which I thought was an excellent deal. You are only allowed one suitcase and they are very strict about it. There were staff greeting me at the Narita stop as soon as i walked up, took my suitcase and asked whether I was heading to Tokyo station or Ginza area. Then I walked up to the bus, paid my 1000 yen and took a seat..super easy and convenient. I encountered some traffic once we hit Tokyo area but it was not that bad. I got off in Ginza and walked to my hotel without problems. Having said that, the drawback for catching this bus is you only have two choices of stops, so if you are not staying in Tokyo station area or Ginza area, you will have to make a transfer using JR lines or subways. So I would say if you are staying in one of those two areas, it is a great deal. Otherwise you might want to consider other options.
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