NEWS Consumption tax goes from 8% to 10%


Aug 6, 2018

What's really interesting about this is that its not an across the board 2% increase. They made this way way too complicated, with rules for i.e. restaurants such that eat-in purchases get dinged the full 10%, but takeout only taxed at 8%. Most small independent shops can't or won't deal with such confusion. As a tourist, my advice is this:

Don't worry about it. It's only 2%.

Then there's the new "cashless" push which is even more daunting for small businesses to try to handle. That and the myriad of cashless providers that are offering rebates, but only in certain stores and only on certain types of items. Watching Japanese TV the first few days of the month as they try to explain it, I don't think anyone knows what's actually going on. I suspect this is a lame attempt to try to get shop owners to "upgrade" to cashless processing systems before the olympics, to accommodate all the tourist traffic.

Or maybe they could just use cash, I dunno. Seems like that would be simple enough.

Anyone have thoughts, experience, opinions on this?