1. JTF_Chris

    LAX-TYO down to ~US$450

    Not sure how long this will last, but select flights to Tokyo from LAX from roughly Jan-May and from Sep-Oct 2019 are running bout $450 depending on the day. Of course you have to get to LAX, and if you're checking bags you would have to do the whole leaving/re-enter security and checking...
  2. JTF_Chris

    Vintage Tokyo Subway Station re-opened for limited time.

    Read More here:
  3. JTF_Chris

    Q&A Halloween at Shibuya

    Anyone actually been to this? It always looks like such a total free-for-all.... and place to avoid if at all possible. Maybe I'm just old but it seems like a circus over and above the usual weekend night madness that goes on at Hachiko square.... ?
  4. JTF_Chris

    Brunch at 7-11 in Japan!

    I can attest to the awesomeness of Japan's 7-11 stores. Just don't win a flipping BUDWEISER like I did with their silly pull-the-ticket-out-the-box game. I'm like "SUGOOOOOIII BUDDOWAIZAAAA!" and I left it for my minpaku host.
  5. JTF_Chris

    TRIP My July 2009 Trip

    So I guess I should start at the beginning. In 2009 I was sitting around, messing around with learning Japanese again. And the thought occurred to me. Hey, maybe I should just, you know, ACTUALLY GO THERE. I was in my thirties, making some money, and I realized, "what was stopping me?"...